10 Must-have Cyber Security Resources

Top 10 attack 2021

In looking back at 2020, organizations saw an increase in the most devastating forms of ransomware, botnets spreading threats to IoT devices, a shocking set of nearly overnight digital transformations, panic about nation-state hacking, and broadcasts about gaps in cloud security.

Combatting this past year’s cyber threats proved challenging, and the hackers are already mapping out new avenues of attack for 2021. As you recalibrate your cyber security strategy and plan for the year ahead, explore resources that can help inform your security decisions.

Strong planning and execution can prevent your organization from experiencing productivity losses, customer losses and declines in revenue. Review these resources today.

  1. Discover the top 10 ways to stop sophisticated attacks and advanced persistent threats in their tracks. Get expert analysis of what to look for as you seek out real-time threat prevention, shared threat intelligence, a unified management configuration, cloud security, and so much more. Use this Buyer’s Guide to Cyber Security in order to build a robust security architecture that can help you defend against both today’s threats and those of the future.
  2. Looking to vet the vendors? Get vendor and product information from peers. Your peers can present unbiased views about the most effective cyber security solutions. Find out what your peers have to say about products.
  3. The latest cyber security buzzwords can bamboozle the savviest of professionals. If you’re still untangling edge computing vs. fog computing, you’re not alone. Don’t let slippery words or concepts slow you down. Cyber Talk is constantly updating its list of cyber security terms and definitions. Be sure to check out this glossary for the latest lingo.
  4. The recent shift to remote work, combined with an uptick in the number of e-commerce-related cyber scandals has changed the game when it comes to e-commerce security. A new e-commerce strategy will not only keep the hackers out, it can actually help you win sales, gain market share and sustain conversions. Learn more here.
  5. As the new normal rages on, organizations are accumulating an unprecedented volume of employee health-related data. If misplaced or misused, those digital temp scans could leave your organization heading off lawsuits. Discover how you can protect your organization’s health data amidst the new normal.
  6. Protecting your branch offices, data centers, headquarters and cloud infrastructure is critical. Revolutionize the way that you do business by empowering a central cyber security team to deploy SD-WAN. Find out how you can incorporate it into your existing business architecture. This SD-WAN Buyer’s Guide will arm you with information.
  7. Ransomware threats are all-too-real. Organizations with high-quality mitigation strategies might be able to thwart attempts. Mattel showed success with this earlier this year. But most organizations end up succumbing to the software and suffering the consequences. Aim for better than average results. Revisit your ransomware risk strategy and review this literature in the process.
  8. Still deciding on who to trust? Experts from FCSexpert and beyond have shared their insights into a variety of industries and cyber risk types in informative webinars. Find a curated compilation of webinars here.
  9. The cloud has become ubiquitous, yet clouds can be a weak link in security. This is especially true when it comes to cloud connections that include IoT devices. Obtain cloud security that you can see, manage and trust. Leverage these insights to help address cloud challenges. Get the whitepaper.
  10. Looking for more insights like this every week? Get expertly curated premium content, exclusive resources from top-tier experts, cutting edge features that include comprehensive analysis and so much more. Sign up for the Cyber Talk newsletter.

Incubate your ideas and take an outcome-driven approach to planning your cyber security for 2021 and beyond. Leverage insights from experts to create a state-of-the-art cyber security architecture that’s tailored to your organization’s needs. For more of the latest cyber insights, visit Cyber Talk.

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