Ensure employees can call wherever they are, on any device, Mobility: Standardized communication experience across the organization; employees can use desk phones, wire-less handsets, or softphones at the office, on site, at home or on the move 


Serve users across multiple sites, with guaranteed high availability
Cost-saving: Expect lower telecom bills with free Voice over IP (VoIP) across
sites, built-in least-cost routing and centralized trunks to SIP, and traditional service providers; Reliability: High-availability options maintain vital business continuity duringnetwork or server outages


Excellent voice connectivity to customers and employees Quality business response: Zero lost calls; powerful com-munication tools ensure
instant connection to the right people 

Supported phones:

Alcatel-Lucent New Office
Environment (NOE) protocol
¬ Alcatel-Lucent 8008 (G) (CE), 8018
DeskPhones (IP)
¬ Alcatel-Lucent 8028s, 8058s,
8068s, 8078s Premium
DeskPhones (IP)
¬ Alcatel-Lucent 8029s, 8039s
Premium DeskPhones (digital)
¬ Alcatel-Lucent 4018 IP Touch (IP),
4019 IP Touch (digital)
¬ Alcatel-Lucent IP Desktop
¬ Alcatel-Lucent 8158s, 8168s
WLAN Handsets
• Alcatel-Lucent 8232, 8242, 8254,
8262, 8262EX DECT handsets

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