Application Security

Application security testing evaluates the security of web and mobile applications to protect them from cyber-attacks

bjective-based Penetration Testing

Objective-based Penetration Testing takes conventional penetration testing to the next level by assessing the security within your organization through a simulated cyber-attack

Find weaknesses others overlook

Our penetration testing services begin with the latest tools and technologies, and leverage them to bypass the security of corporate networks protected by even the most sophisticated security controls.

FCS Cyber security Consultancy services 

Rather than waiting for an article to hit the news about the latest vulnerability, Fcsexpert identifies the latest vulnerabilities relevant to your environment and triggers your organizational processes via a service desk ticket or email. With additional insight, we can ensure remediation efforts begin immediately.

We also recommends performing a Cyber Security Assessment to identify gaps in your security foundation prior to commencing any objective-based penetration testing.

Our capabilities cover the design, implementation and continuous monitoring of the hardening standard within your environment.

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