Professional Services accompaniment along digital transformation

Digital transformation lets you optimize new technologies to increase efficiency and profitability. Professional Services provide support for your digital transformation, from project management and design, to optimal implementation.

Optimize Return on Investment (ROI) focusing on security, performance, operational efficiency and evolution.
Enhance user experience leveraging pre-defined and bespoke use cases and industry practices
Industry use cases provide generic value-added services plus last mile 
customization. Define use cases and co-develop solutions and applications


The Staging service consists of the
Configuration and Integration of the entire
Customer solution on Fcsexpert
 premises prior to shipment.
The Staging service provides customized
pre-configuration of new equipment,
ultimately reducing the network deployment
time and cost of configuration on-site. W


The Compliance Assessment service provides a detailed analysis of an IP
network  level and requirements.
This assessment includes the generation of actual traffic on the End Customer’s network, and is performed within the Customer’s environment prior to the deployment of a solution and may be performed on a regular basis in
order to monitor the status of performance and quality 

client centric


The Proof of Concept service provides state-of-the-art tests and modeling
designed to validate a specific Fcsexpert solution or to confirm its interoperability and compatibility with any other solution.
These tests can be carried out in a Fcsexpert  lab, or in the Customer’s
existing environment in order to demonstrate the viability of the overall solution.

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