vulnerability scan

FCS Performs the following type of vulnerability scan

  • External scanning of the network perimeter
  • Internal scanning of devices inside the network
  • Web Application Scanning (with or without credentials)
  • One-time vulnerability scans
  • Continuous vulnerability scans (e.g. monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • Vulnerability Scanning can be performed against the following types of targets:
  • Laptops / desktops, and any connected device with an IP address
  • Servers (on-premise or cloud-hosted)
  • Network security devices (e.g. firewalls)
    Websites and Applications
client centric

Build security architecture

Align your security network with business goals

Validate rules and policies 

Perform a thorough security configuration review, including software version and platform validation

Project Planning and Management 

Keep your project on time and on budget with regular status updates

Threat Map live

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