Vulnerability assessment process

Preparation of a tailor made test for your security environment needs.

After the test scope and the goals are defined, our team will gather all the relevant  intelligence about assets.

Scanning and Enumeration
Possible entry points are identified with manual testing and automated scanning.

Web application attacks are executed, our penetration testers try to actively exploit security weaknesses.

Successful attacks are thoroughly documented and severity level are determined.

Mitigation & support
Working closely with your organization’s relevant teams all security vulnerabilities will be mitigated according to the best possible practice.


External network 

designed to test the effectiveness of perimeter security controls and identify vulnerabilities in internet-accessible systems such as web, mail and FTP servers

Internal network 

designed to estimate what an attacker could achieve with initial access to a network. For example, insider threats, such as employees intentionally or unintentionally performing malicious actions.

Social Engineering

identifying whether your employees are vulnerable to phishing emails, allowing you to improve your company’s cyber security awareness.

Threat Map live

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