What does the IoT mean for networks?

IoT security

Businesses already capitalizing on the Internet of Things are experiencing unprecedented data flows. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are myriad considerations, from decisions about where IoT traffic will run and how it will be routed, to the need to establish device profiles for authentication. Enterprises will need to adapt traditional network designs to meet these challenges.

Unlocking the full potential business value of IoT will require new levels of network intelligence, automation and security.

“Having to account for such a broad, and largely uncontrolled, universe of devices necessitates taking a hard look at network security strategies.”

Stephane Robineau, Executive Vice President, GM, Network Business, ALE

Analyst perspectives on IoT

  1. Gartner asks “Why IoT Now?” The value of the Internet of Things extends beyond connected devices, says Gartner.
  2. McKinsey explores the distribution of IoT value: What is the potential economic impact of IoT? Between $4 trillion and $11 trillion by 2025.
  3. Industrial Internet of Things from PwC: Not just a new technology, but a new business blueprint.

What do business leaders need to consider?

  • Business Line managers: The vast numbers of sensors on IoT devices will mean better info on the operational status of equipment, and quicker fixes when problems arise.
  • Employees: The IoT stands to greatly increase productivity by making actionable data more readily available, and could enable remote responses to operational issues.

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